Welcome to Our Breast Surgery Practice


Dear Patients, Family Members, and Friends:

On behalf of our practice, I welcome you to one of the top oncoplastic breast surgery practices in the country. We are committed to providing the best treatment available close to home.

Receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer is understandably a devastating experience in your life. It is natural to go into crisis mode upon hearing the news. Emotions run high. There is an overwhelming sense of urgency to seek out the best possible care to insure the best positive outcome. Well, you can take comfort in knowing that we are a top-ranked breast surgery practice that will provide you with a team approach to your individualized treatment plan in an NAPBC-accredited Breast Center that practices cutting edge breast surgery.

We work closely with several other experienced cancer specialists such that any patient diagnosed with breast cancer will find the right treatment for his or her particular type and stage of cancer, including access to clinical trials. The comprehensive care patients receive within our network also includes critical support services such as cancer education and screening, nutrition and genetic counseling, psychological support, and assistance from our oncology social workers.

Your satisfaction always remains a top priority for us. In addition to providing the best possible treatment for your cancer, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care to you as our patient, as well as your loved once who accompany you during this journey.

We are actively involved in driving the field of oncoplastic breast surgery forward, as well as education and research, as well as patient care. We have been recognized nationally in our research in breast cancer which solidifies our position as innovative leaders in the delivery of women’s healthcare and in research leading to improvements in women’s health.

Our Mission

We strive to enhance the healthcare and well-being of women and their families. We will build on our heritage of community service through:
❖ Excellence and innovation in clinical care
❖ Patient, physician, staff, and community education and advocacy
❖ Leadership in developing and applying new surgical techniques and knowledge through research
❖ Integration of services with other members of the breast multidisciplinary team to safeguard and harmonize your care
❖ Maintaining leadership roles in partnering healthcare systems

Our Philosophy of Care

We are guided by core principles which focus on the unique attributes of each woman that place her at the center of the healthcare delivery system. We accomplish this by focusing on quality, access, respect, education, research, empowerment, integrated care, and advocacy to be essential characteristics of the service we provide.

We are committed to treating a woman with dignity, empowering her through education, and bringing comprehensive care close to home.

Your Medical Record and Privacy Information

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your medical information as federal and state laws require. When we say “information”, we mean health, treatment, or payment information that identifies you. Please review our “Notice of Privacy Practices”. This notice explains how we meet this commitment.

You may obtain copies of your medical records for yourself by completing the “Patient Request to Access Protected Health Information” form.

To authorize us to release your medical records to someone other than yourself, such as a physician or insurance company, or if you are requesting medical records on the behalf of someone else, you must complete the “Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information” form.


Daniel J. Farrugia, MD PhD FACS

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